Charity rebranding – a case study

Charity rebranding using the brand management continuum with Community Action Hampshire

Community Action Hampshire knew their brand needed refreshing, or possibly rebranding, or maybe an update, but what sort of update and what did that mean? We took the charity brand management continuum along to a staff meeting asked them where they wanted to be.

Brand management continuum copyright Red Pencil

Brand management continuum copyright Red Pencil

The answer was – definitely up to and including ‘brand renew’. ‘Brand revolve’ was too far – the team was adamant they did not want to change the name of the organisation.

Using the continuum in practice

However, as we talked about the other activities that would mean they should put in place and what they could do themselves and those that would need support, a change happened. Focussing on the practical actions that the brand management continuum sets out had broken down the ‘brand refresh’ discussion into a more manageable set of tactics. There was an order to do things in and a timetable could be drawn up.

Breaking down the charity rebranding tasks

Understanding that meant that it was not so intimidating for the team to then discuss the other tactics that were the other side of ‘brand renew’ – maybe ‘brand revolve’ was not so scary after all. Gradually the conversation returned to the name change. Some team members talked about how it wasn’t always helpful to be from Community Action Hampshire in a room full of local businesses and enterprises, the business didn’t take them seriously. Their strategy was to adopt more entrepreneurial approaches to work and lead on a new enterprise consultancy venture for Hampshire. Would ‘community’ work in that context?

However, you usually only consider the ‘brand revolve’ charity rebranding tactics if your brand has got very toxic. Typically, particularly if you are a charity with a history and without big resources, you want to develop your brand, taking elements forward into the brand refresh / rebrand.

So the approach we put to Community Action Hampshire was to suggest a subtle name change – to Action Hampshire. This also had the advantage of focusing on the Action and ‘doing’ part of their strategy.

But we also wanted to keep the connection with Community. This was an organisation that had been around for over 60 years with communities at its heart. So we put communities into the strapline and commissioned a logo that integrated the strapline into its design – Helping our communities thrive

You can see how they now look and talk about themselves over on their current website.

You can also see the slides from the workshop we did at the CharityComms Building a Brand that Delivers conference that included the brand management continuum.

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