What if brand matters?


We’ve noticed a few stories recently (eg Is branding a ‘driver for growth’ or a waste of funds? and DEC rebrand to increase fundraising) about how large charities are using their brands to help them stand out from the crowd and stay connected to their donors. This is supported by much of the academic research on charity branding that we’ve been reading. However, both the articles and the vast majority of research papers, only feature the larger charities.
Obviously, resources are an issue, but this has got us thinking…. How are smaller charities viewing their brands at the moment? Smaller charities make up 97% of the sector so are in an arguably more crowded space. If rebranding is an effective tool for larger charities to differentiate themselves and attract more donors, then what does this mean for smaller charities?

We’ll be doing a lot more in this area shortly but if you’ve got a story to share – please get in touch.

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