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Caring Together – before and after rebrand logos – charity branding


In our latest charity branding project, we have worked with Helen Holden Design on the rebrand of Carers Trust Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Norfolk. From Monday 15 July, Carers Trust CPN will become Caring Together.

We chose ‘caring’ to bring both the support the charity offers to carers and the services they provide for people who need care under one brand. So not just about carers, but the whole process and business of caring.

‘Together’ emerged from the charity’s long history of collaborating, but also because they bring carers together – together with information and advice, together with services that help and together with each other. Being a carer often means people feel isolated and lonely. So Caring Together is a clear statement about the impact of the support that people can expect from the charity.

A bold new strapline

We paired the new name with a bold strapline ‘so that carers have choices’. As an organisation, Caring Together, places the social model of disability at the very heart of how they deliver information, services and campaigns. Consultation and giving carers choices are central to programme design and delivery.

However, we know that most carers find themselves in caring roles without choosing to be there. The idea of being able to have a choice in anything can feel far removed from daily life. Therefore, the strapline is a clear pledge to carers that Caring Together wants to give them back choices in their lives, and the lives of those they look after.

Finally, we worked with the team to identify three values that underpin both the look and the feel of the new brand and the tone of voice. They arose out of the consultation with carers and from the charity’s previous values statements. They are – inclusive, informed and effective.


The new charity branding look and feel for Caring Together

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