Four questions to ask about rebranding

“Successful brands grow. They don’t stand still…

“They take account of the world around them and the changing expectations of their audiences. They evolve, without losing what is in the heart and soul of the organisation.”  (Grounds 2005)

Charities are set up to bring about social change – and that takes time. It is therefore very likely, if not a certainty, that all charities will need to consider rebranding.

The issue, particularly for smaller charities, is how can you do this effectively without wasting resources? The answer – is to know what you want and why you want it. This is where the brand management continuum can help. (The brand management activities in the continuum are also listed below as text.)

brand management continuum copyright Red Pencil

brand management continuum copyright Red Pencil

Four questions to ask

  1. Is our brand well known and DOES it represent our values?
  2. Is our brand well known but DOES NOT represent our values?
  3. Is our brand NOT well known but DOES represent our values?
  4. Is our brand NOT well known and DOES NOT represent our values?

If you answer ‘yes’ to question 1 then no rebranding is needed. Just the active brand management activities in brand remain to make the most of your brand and know if things change. In fact, you need to be doing all of these things to prepare for a rebrand.

A ‘yes’ to question 2 indicates a mild brand refresh is needed – a brand evolve.

If the ‘yes’ is to question three then you should consider the activities in brand renew.

And, yes, an affirmative answer to question 4 suggests a brand revolve where you pretty much change all of your visual identity.

Where’s your brand?

Find out by taking the free brand evaluation questionnaire at charity brand survey.

So how does this help?

Use the brand management continuum to:

List of brand management and rebranding activities

The activities in the brand management continuum have been drawn up from a literature review of studies carried out with large UK charities and then tested with small charities. There were no studies on small charity branding until Red Pencil undertook ours.

Brand remain contains all the building blocks of good brand management:

Brand evolve makes moderate changes:

Brand renew makes more extensive changes:

And you should consider brand revolve when you want to reposition your brand extensively:

Let us know how you get on with your rebranding project and get in touch if you need any help.

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